5 Tips to Identify High Quality Leggings


to Identify High Quality Leggings

Move over denim, leggings are here to stay. In fact, reports show that in the past year, women have ordered more leggings online than jeans. Leggings have become an integral element of fashion – both for activewear and everyday style. But with so many options to choose from, it’s important to invest in the right pair that will really go the distance. So, drawing on our design teams extensive knowledge, we’ve created a guide (based on our design process) to help you spot the best-quality leggings.

Tip #1: Fabric Quality

When it comes to fabric quality, remember the acronym SCAR: Stretch, Compression, Airy, Retention
Look for these key words in the product details and technical aspects of the legging; 4-way stretch, lightweight compression, ventilation & sweat wicking technology and lastly, bounce-back shape retention.

Lightweight compression supports and shapes your legs while 4-way stretch gives you a hugged fit for all day comfort that moves with you. Sweat-wicking works to keep you dry by pulling the moisture away from your skin. Additionally, trendy treatments like mesh inserts or laser cut perforation promotes ventilation and ups the cool factor (literally and metaphorically). Shape retention is a key factor as you want to be able to wash your leggings and have them bounce right back to the original fit without feeling loose and baggy over time.

Tip #2: Coverage

Ever catch a glimpse of yourself (or someone else) and realize your leggings are see-through? We’ve all been there and it’s never fun. In fact, it’s a real bummer (pun intended). Coverage is pivotal to a great pair of leggings and goes hand in hand with quality of fabric.

The “bend over test” is advised (bending over in front of the mirror to test out if the leggings are see-through). However, if you’re buying online, you probably won’t have that option. The last thing you want to worry about when doing downward dog is whether your assets are on display. To ensure quality coverage, look for leggings that have a gusset, or less attractively put, a crotch panel. This piece of material is sewn into the garment to add strength and ensure coverage isn’t compromised when you’re bending and stretching. As an added plus, look for ventilation at the inseam gusset to ensure a fresh feeling, wear after wear.

Tip #3: Functional Details

When you hit the ground running, you want thoughtful solutions for safely and securely carrying your essentials. It’s also important to find details that make the wear and care of the leggings simple.

Here is a list of some of the top details to look for:

  • Concealed, interior waistband pocket for keys etc.
  • Exterior back or side zip pockets for security
  • Multiple carrying options like fitted, side pockets for electronics
  • Ankle hem zippers for getting in and out of fitted leggings
  • Continuous drawcord means you’ll never lose it in the wash
  • Machine washable/dryable leggings for easy care
  • A wide waistband with supportive panels for all day comfort

Tip #4: Size Customization

We all want our leggings to fit perfectly but every body shape is evolving and unique. That’s why it’s important to look for customizable options that let you adjust size features. The inclusion of an internal drawcord is key as it allows you to adjust the fit of the waistband as needed. Additionally, we know that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to the inseam length. When you’ve already invested in a pair, having to get them hemmed is inconvenient and an added expense. Our cut to length feature solves this problem from the comfort of your home. Offering the choice of multiple hemlines at the bottom of the legging, simply cut below your line of your choice for the ideal length and a finished seam. This unique option allows you to customize the inseam for a tailor-made fit and feel. Who doesn’t love that?! (And if you listen closely, you can hear the cheers of vertically challenged people everywhere).

Learn more about our Cut-to-Length innovation

Tip #5: Price Point

Let’s be real. Some of the most popular legging brands are outrageously expensive. It’s important to remember that high price doesn’t always equal high quality. As a general rule, if you are spending more than your monthly phone/internet bill on a pair of leggings, you’re spending too much! i.e. the level of quality doesn’t really increase past this point. On the flip side, you won’t find quality leggings at a ridiculously low price either. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We hope using this guide will help you find leggings that reflect the way you live – for work, rest, travel and play – with intelligent design and technical fabrics. Explore our extensive collection to find the highest-quality leggings with thoughtful details, perfect fit and stellar style. Let us show you why we have a leg up on the legging competition. From statement making styles to foundational, everyday leggings – we have a feeling you’ll never look elsewhere again!


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This is a great help for people who love leggings like me! Thanks!

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