Technical Fabric

Eco-Friendly Solutions to Keep you Cool, Dry, Fresh and Comfortable


Patented For Peformance

drirelease® fabrics offer an engineered blend, multi-denier and multi-staple hydrophobic (water repelling) fibers and 10-15% natural, hydrophilic (water absorbing) fibers. The built-in combination efficiently pulls moisture and perspiration away from the skin and pushes it to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. That’s why clothing made with DR always feels soft and stays dry.

Permanent Moisture Wicking

The primary obstacle of most wicking fabrics is water. Chemically treated performance fabrics typically lose their ability to wick moisture over time with each washing. Not drirelease. Our moisture-transport system is woven into the yarn and delivers consistent wicking that doesn’t wash out.

Neutralize Odors Naturally With FreshGuard

drirelease and FreshGuard work together to absorb moisture and quickly release it through the fabric and into the air, which helps in minimizing odor creation in garments. Neither an antimicrobial nor an antibacterial (both of which attack bacteria), FreshGuard is friendly to the environment.