Fall 2020: Embrace the New, Redefine the Now

These remarkable times have ushered in a new era where safety and responsibility are paramount. At MPG, our sustainability mission is built on substance and driven by everyday actions. Despite the challenges of the new today, we knew our newest collection still needed to represent the core values of MPG; quality, sustainability and value.

The Fall 2020 Collection amplified our approach to sustainability and ethical practices by capitalizing on the natural beauty of where we call home.

We are proud that over 70% of this season’s collection is made from post-consumer recycled fabrics and 100% of it was designed and photographed locally, reducing our environmental impact while safeguarding health and wellness.

We understand that the sustainability equation isn’t complete without factoring in price. We believe sustainable options should be affordable for all, and it is important that our collection reflects this.

That is why we design and buy strategically, working with trusted, long-standing partners so we can achieve attainable price points and ensure efficiencies.

We greatly appreciate your loyalty and are thrilled that you’re coming along with us on our sustainability journey.

Thank you for caring – we can’t do this alone!