Exercise As Medicine

Find new ways to move and beat inflammation.

The second instalment in our MPG Fitness + Wellness Guide focuses on how to reduce inflammation symptoms.

MPG female model hiking down a hill in California, wearing an oatmeal colored t-shirt and red leggings

1. Walking

Walking for inflammation, when studied in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, is associated with reduced disease activity, improved cardiovascular fitness, and improved innate immune functions, in addition to reduced infection risk and inflammatory outcomes.

MPG female model on a bicycle wearing a red MPG sports bra and biker shorts combo

2. Cycling

A 30-minute bike ride, whether mobile or stationary, consisting of a 5-minute warm-up, 5-minute cool down, and 20-minute moderate intensity, can decrease inflammatory symptoms.

MPG male model doing an indoor resistance workout wearing MPG activewear

3. Resistance Training

Although research has shown long-term resistance training has significant potential to prevent and delay chronic inflammation issues, the studies also indicate adequate rest and recovery periods are crucial to ensuring the inflammation doesn’t become worse in severity. If you’re going to hit the weights, don’t ignore your rest days.

MPG female model on a dock in front of a beautiful lake doing a yoga pose, wearing pink MPG activewear

4. Yoga

If day-to-day stress is the cause of your inflammation, a connection which has been well documented, engaging in yoga practice not only has a positive effect on your mental health by reducing stress levels and anxiety, that calmer psychological state can, in turn, reduce inflammation.

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