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Article: MPG Fearless Females Contest

MPG Fearless Females Contest

MPG Fearless Females Contest

Meet Our Fearless Finalists

Celebrating gutsy women who inspire us with their confidence, ambition and determined spirits – meet the Top 3 Finalists from our Fearless Females Contest and cast your vote today!
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Delina Gonzales

Delina is wearing Exert Medium Support Bra and Illuminate High Waisted Capri, both in Chevron Grey.

Delina Gonzales

Occupation: Owner & Trainer at Swyft Fitness LLC. and homeschooling mom of four
Location: Morgan Hill, California
Nominated by: Jenny

A symbol of strength for her fitness community, Delina is a driven mom, wife and health coach who is passionate about personal transformation and goes after her goals with absolutely no excuses. This business owner and dedicated trainer inspires and motivates her network daily through her consistent and fearless approach to fitness and wellbeing. Balancing her passions, she also homeschools her four young kids, proving you can create a life of abundance, no matter how much you need to juggle – if you’re willing to work for it.

Nominated by her friend Jenny, who lives in Miami, the two met on Instagram and are constantly cheering each other on from afar:

Jenny nominated Delina
“To me, being physically and mentally strong makes an individual all-around healthy! Being able to teach this balanced approach to fitness is something that Delina is naturally amazing at! Beautiful from the inside out, this Latina fit momma deserves a reward that will help keep her continuously thriving.”


1. What gives you confidence?
Overcoming challenges and my family

2. What inspires you?
Women empowering women

3. What’s your favorite way to sweat?
Strength and endurance training

4. What makes you smile?
Raising my kids and being able to do what I love, alongside my husband

Aileen Day

Aileen is wearing Impulse Light Support Bra and Swift High Waisted Legging, both in Mint.

Aileen Day


Occupation: Dentist, Yoga Teacher & full-time mom
Location: Seattle, Washington
Nominated by: Tanvi

Guided by her innate authenticity and infectious energy, Aileen is driven to create a space where diversity, inclusion and female empowerment is abundant. Placing her focus on constantly evolving and growing, her personal mission to break stereotypes and uplift her community is carried out through her unique approach to teaching yoga. Known in the Seattle area for being involved in many different organizations, Aileen inspires those around her to live a balanced lifestyle, promoting wellness, spirituality and positivity.

Nominated by her friend Tanvi, the two met on a photoshoot and hit if off immediately:

Tanvi nominated Aileen
“Aileen is a strong-headed woman who has battled her way to success. She is capable of exceeding expectations in any challenge given to her and can wow you simply by her aura. Aileen fears nothing except being stagnant and is constantly finding ways to improve and grow, which is what makes her so successful and ready to take on any challenge thrown at her. With a strong exterior but a soft inner being, Aileen is the perfect combination of fearless femininity.”


1. What gives you confidence?
Realness and authenticity are magnetic, and I feel fierce showing up as I am, every time

2. What inspires you?
Acts of service and helping the community in every aspect really moves me

3. What’s your favorite way to sweat?
Yoga, hiking and salsa dancing

4. What makes you smile?
My children and the sun

Charmaine Ironside

Charmaine is wearing Evolution Tank in White and Swift High Waisted Legging in Grape Shake.

Charmaine Ironside


Occupation: Owner & Head Transformation Coach at Ironside Fitness & Transformation Center and busy mom of two
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Nominated by: Tanya

Ranked second place in Canada in the Half Pipe category while training to qualify for the 2010 Olympics, pro snowboarder Charmaine suffered devastating injuries and was told she may never walk again. Although this personal blow prevented her from competing in the games, she never gave up on herself and overcome numerous obstacles in order to walk again. Determined that her accident would not define her, she completed her degree in Kinesiology, became a personal trainer and opened her own fitness studios to help others overcome injuries and meet their fitness goals. Charmaine was able to face adversity with her determined spirit and has channeled that experience into helping others in their quest for health, mobility and fitness.

Nominated by her friend Tanya, the two first met when she joined Charmaine’s Ironside Fitness studio in the Fall of 2017:

“I had joined a 6-week challenge and she was one of my coaches. I was immediately drawn to her encouraging demeanor and her down to earth approach to love and life. Charmaine has always gone the extra mile to help people out. Continuing to be brave and open with her story, Charmaine is truly a wise and fearless woman who has prioritized her health, both physically and mentally – while helping many others do the same. She loves life and it shines through in everything she does!”


1. What gives you confidence?
Focusing on my vision for my life each day while trusting and surrendering, especially in these challenging times

2. What inspires you?
Other fitness coaches and spiritual teachers and the way they live and share their passions with the world

3. What’s your favorite way to sweat?
Bodyweight training, traditional weight training and quick cardio bursts

4. What makes you smile?
The first sight of my 2 kiddos in the morning when they wake up

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