Lives In Motion: Jenna & Ashley Illchuk

Meet MPG Influencers Jenna & Ashley Illchuk: fearless entrepreneurs, style mavens and cake gurus… bringing their (sweet) dreams to life, one stunning creation at a time.

Based in Winnipeg, Canada – twin sisters Jenna and Ashley co-own the beautiful boutique bakery Jenna Rae Cakes. Opening their doors in 2014, in a matter of only a few years, these sisters have managed to create a booming business in the world of sweet creations, backed by popular demand.

With a seemingly cult following, consistent down-the-street lineups and recognition from Ms. Martha Stewart herself – you know these ladies are doing something right. But although they design gorgeous custom cakes and treats on the daily, entrepreneurship isn’t a cake walk for these hardworking hustlers.

Jenna and Ashley put in long hours building their business, from traveling to client meetings and baking in-house to finding time for fitness – it's a constant balancing act.


Ashley Illchuk wearing an MPG outift
Jenna Illchuk putting a finishing touch on a wedding cake

Offering expertly crafted pieces, designed for life on the move – Jenna and Ashley wear MPG to keep up with their endless days.

“We’re on our feet all day long, whether that’s baking, decorating cakes or photo styling. Functional clothing is essential.”
Jenna and Ashley Illchuk having a meeting in their store Jenna Rae Cakes

Experience a work wardrobe that works for you, blending functional details and sophisticated style.

“MPG knows how to balance functionality, comfort and fashion. We always like to look put together, and it’s such an added bonus when ‘put together’ can mean ‘comfortable’!”
Ashley Illchuk getting off a private jet wearing performance-casual MPG clothing
Ashley and Jenna boarding a private jet

Travelling for work or play – luxurious blends of cashmere, angora and merino give the look of first class…even if you’re flying coach. We’ve designed investment quality pieces (without the steep price tag).

“Being featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine was a big career highlight. It was definitely surreal to see Jenna’s cake in Ashley and Trevor’s wedding in the Winter 2017 Issue!”
Jenna and Ashley Illchuk leaving from a workout wearing MPG clothing

Breathable, antibacterial, quick-dry pieces make the most of each sweat session.

“We're truly inspired by this creative little city of ours! There are so many amazing entrepreneurs in this city [Winnipeg] who support each other. We are big believers in community over competition.”
Cake pops from Jenna Rae Cakes - yummy!

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