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Article: MPG Messenger: Chelsea Williams

Chelsea Williams doing a yoga pose outside
Chelsea Williams

MPG Messenger: Chelsea Williams

MPG Messenger Chelsea Williams

Let’s Get it Om with Chelsea

Introducing MPG Messenger: Chelsea Williams - An international yoga instructor with a global following, adventure seeker and busy mom of three – Chelsea’s life is nonstop. Seattle is home but teaching yoga takes her all over the world. Placing focus on being present in the moment, Chelsea believes in going with the flow and finding a practice that speaks to you, anyway and anywhere you like to move.


Just Flow With It

For Chelsea, yoga isn’t about striving for perfection and mastering every pose. Instead, she focuses on finding self-acceptance and inner-calm through the flow of each practice.

“Don’t be in such a rush! Everything comes when it’s ready and living in the future takes away from being in the present moment. Something I didn’t learn until I found yoga at the age of 31.”

Leggings On. Limits Off.

From teaching to transit and poses to the pavement, she loves the breathable, sculpting, lightweight pieces that MPG creates. With expert fit, advanced fabric and thoughtful details – Chelsea wears MPG on the regular to keep her practice going strong and the positive energy flowing.

“I feel super confident in all MPG clothing! It’s so flattering, especially the high waisted leggings which are my favorite! I also love that I can layer pieces and wear them when I’m not in a yoga class.”
MPG Messenger Chelsea Williams
MPG Messenger Chelsea Williams

Get to Know Chelsea in 10 Questions

Q – Where were you born & where do you live now?

A – I was born in Oklahoma City while my Dad was working in the Air Force and we moved to the Seattle area when I was five. I grew up about an hour north of Seattle, deep in the country, but I now live in Seattle with my three kiddos.

Q – How did you discover yoga?

A – I was introduced to yoga through my mom who had practiced for years. I always assumed it was slow moving and stretching only. Boy, was I wrong!

Q – Tell us an interesting job you had before you pursued a career in yoga?

A – I worked for Starbucks for five years. I worked my way from Barista to Manager while I was in college and to this day (13 years later) I can still remember the most complicated drinks!

Q – You get to travel to a lot of beautiful, exotic destinations while teaching your retreat workshops. What has been your favorite travel destination yet?

A – So far, the most memorable has been to South Africa. Never in a million years did I think I would travel to that continent and found myself in tears taking it all in. It really cemented how much a life can change when you set fears down.

Q – What’s the number one thing that motivates you to get out of bed each morning?

A – Sometimes, it’s that cup of coffee. But I’ve always been a morning person and wake up easily, ready to start the day. I often work out immediately after waking and wait for coffee until after!

Q – Everyone has a guilty pleasure that’s tough to resist. What’s yours?

A – I have the biggest sweet tooth and LOVE Sour Patch Kids and dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt!

Q – What’s your favorite self-care ritual to unwind when you have some “me time”?

A – Baths, baths and baths! I love using bath bombs, pouring a glass of wine and putting a facial mask on! Otherwise, I’m chasing a sunset with good music in my ears. I’ll forever do that.

Q – What has been the highlight of your career so far?

A – Teaching a sunset beach yoga class in Bali when 10 or so Balinese children joined in when I led the final OM. I will remember that for the rest of my life.

Q – If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A – Sushi!

Q – Where can you be found when you’re not practicing yoga?

A – With my kiddos, planning our next adventure. Next up is a road trip covering 10 states! Or, absorbed in a podcast or Audible book!

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