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Article: B Corporation™ Focus: Philanthropy

School children in a classroom with raised hands, at Kamwokya Primary School
B Corp

B Corporation™ Focus: Philanthropy

Since the Mondetta Clothing Company's inception, giving back has remained a core value of ours that continues to reverberate into the present day.

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View of earth from the ISS
B Corp

B Corporation™ Focus: The Planet

As a B Corp™, we’ve taken steps to improve our company’s environmental impact dramatically. We understand that we must incorporate responsible stewardship into every aspect of our business to achie...

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Three female MPG models getting ready for a yoga workout in a warehouse studio, each wearing a sports bra and tights
B Corp

B The Change

With a bit of effort, we can all make a difference to protect the environment, creating greater equality, and uplifting those who might need a helping hand.

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