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Article: Mondetta Originals: A Spirit of Unification

Mondetta Originals: A Spirit of Unification

Mondetta Originals: A Spirit of Unification

How They Styled It: Influencers Share What Mondetta Originals Mean to Them

In a world undivided, everyone is equal in a spirit of unification.

Shamaine @shaamyne
Wearing Mondetta Originals helps me embrace my spirit the way it is. It allows me to showcase my style without fear of being judged.
Mondetta Originals is all about embracing and celebrating the human spirit.
‘A spirit of unification’ means coming together to me because every day when I wake up, I choose unity with others despite skin colour, religion or background.
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Katie @k.joy_
You can tell that thought and care went into crafting each piece. Mondetta Originals pieces are so fun and unlike product offerings from other brands!
To me, “a spirit of unification” means coming together despite our differences. People from all backgrounds and viewpoints can come together and be unified by wearing Mondetta Originals.
I try to endorse Mondetta Originals’ philosophy of creating a ‘world undivided’ by appreciating our differences and learning from others.
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Jeremiah @jermyahm
My love for vintage apparel has always been essential for me as it relates to how I view my style. Being able to execute my vision in terms of showing my appreciation for the brand's message and being original means a lot to me.
'A spirit of unification' means we are all connected, I believe, through our spirit and the beauty of life we all share. It's essential for us as humans to stick together, to usher in growth, as it creates a positive influence on generations to come.
I'm always learning something new and engaging with people I cross paths with every day, hearing their experiences and sharing that light we all have within us.
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Shaye @shayepaulhus
I wear Canada, which symbolizes my sense of home. Canada is known for peace and holds a special place in my heart.
I love the brand’s vintage appeal and how these styles represent what was made in the past.
I’ve always been a believer in diversity, and how we are all one; I wear Mondetta Originals to celebrate this idea and promote ‘a world
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